Data Engineer

We’re looking for a Data Engineer. Somebody who will be responsible for the full gamut of data management tasks. Somebody who will work closely with our Data Scientists to provide pristine (or the closest possible facsimile) data for their analyses. Somebody who takes pleasure in wrestling with integration problems and messy, unstructured data.

As a Data Engineer you will be responsible for expanding and optimizing our data flow and data management systems.


  • Degree or Diploma in a relevant field
  • 1+ years practical experience
  • Experience with Big Data tools (Hadoop and Spark)
  • Experience with distributed and cloud computing
  • Able to effortlessly spin up and maintain relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server)
  • Comfortable in a UNIX environment
  • A master of automation
  • A captain of the command line and shell scripting
  • * Familiarity with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis)
  • * Exposure to stream processing and messaging (Kafka, RabbitMQ)
  • A creative problem solver
  • A collaborator
  • Demonstrates ownership and accountability for data quality
  • Comfortable supporting multiple cross-functional teams, systems and products
  • Self-directed and able to work independently
  • Works well in a remote team

Non-essential but nice to have requirements are indicated by a *.


  • Ensure that data management systems meet client requirements and industry best practices
  • Implement systems to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality
  • Design and implement database schemas
  • Deploy and administer databases
  • Build robust and efficient data pipelines
  • Create and maintain cloud infrastructure
  • Monitor performance
  • Ensure data security and compliance
  • Define and maintain data retention policies
  • Research opportunities for data acquisition and novel uses of existing data
  • Remain current with data management technologies and software engineering tools

Working with Exegetic

As a Data Engineer at Exegetic you'll be part of a diverse, multidisciplinary team. We each contribute unique skills, talents and perspectives. We’re self-motivated, adaptive and agile. We love what we do and take immense pride in the products and services we deliver.

Expect to be challenged, no matter your level of mastery. We are constantly learning, understanding, building and solving. This is driven by the needs of our clients as well as our own interests and aspirations.

The team is distributed across the country. Sometimes we work on site at a client, but most often we work remotely. This allows us to avoid the commute and enjoy the benefits of relatively flexible working hours! At the same time, we cultivate a strong team atmosphere through daily communication, sharing, mentorship and support. Get on board!

How to Apply

Send your CV and cover letter to